AdHoc Presents

Brooklyn-based concert promoter

Logos and type designed by AJ Annunziata

AdHoc Presents is an underground concert promoter and print zine based in Brooklyn, NY.

AdHoc books larger and more popular acts that sell out venues such as Music Hall of Williamsburg, as well as up-and-coming artists. There is a tight-knit community built around Brooklyn DIY and AdHoc is there to help sustain it.


New logo design by AJ Annunziata.

Taking The Brand Further

While working at AdHoc, I organized new branding strategies for the updated website and social media pages in preparation for the launch of a new logo and branding concept designed by Annunziata. I organized logo options for socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) that fit with the new branding objectives along with fellow designer Caroline Vance.

Video banner for Facebook



Pull Quotes

Original pull quote design to be used for Twitter and Instagram as an effort to push editorial content more effectively.

Light Video Work

Selected video piece I edited for AdHoc's marketing involvement in Hopscotch Music Festival which takes place annually during the fall in Raleigh, NC.

Light video editing. Tools used: assets provided by the artist (Moses Sumney) and Photoshop CC.

AdHoc was founded by Ric Leichtung (Events Director) and Emilie Friedlander (Editorial Director) in 2012.

Find events to AdHoc shows on Facebook.