iOS Redesign Concept 2019


Resy is one of my favorite new products, revolutionizing the ease of going out to dinner. I decided to do a redesign concept of their iOS app, which is most likely still in its MVP (minimum viable product) stage.

Project Goals
  • Create a new iOS design that offers a better user flow
  • User flow that is seamless with mobile gestures and touch interaction
  • A new design system to match the Resy web app,
  • Develop a new Search system that feels more natural
  • Favorites functionality on mobile

Current iOS App

The current state of Resy Mobile does not tie their brand together. It is the last piece of the puzzle, potentially giving Resy the ability to dominate this niche industry.

Key Issues with Screen 1 (Home)
  • Dark theme is not inviting
  • Search at top of screen is too blunt
  • Guest count (white button) at bottom of the screen, as an overlay, is against best iOS practices
Key Issues with Screen 2 (Search)
  • Two search fields is confusing and against best iOS practices
  • Places the importance of Search in a confusing hierarchy
  • Collections and Popular Cuisines rows imply tags can be dragged, grouped and searchable together, when they cannot
  • Tags displayed in search box fields lead the user to believe that adding more than one filter tag is possible when it is not
Key Issues with Screen 3 (Search Results)
  • Location Search is hidden and the user flow feels confusing

New Concept for iOS

© Adam Linden

A new look offers visual lightness on the eyes as well as an enhanced user flow to make booking a reservation even smoother.

Resy Splash screen on startup.

Home screen.

User flow on Search.

Search results.

Favorites. On mobile.
Keep track of your favorites. Drag to re-order. Edit to delete.

From the Resy website: Launched in New York City in 2014, The company is co-founded by Ben Leventhal, co-founder of; Michael Montero, co-founder and former CTO of CrowdTwist and current Techstars mentor; and Gary Vaynerchuk, noted social media expert, entrepreneur and investor.