Ithaca College Radio


WICB is Ithaca College's radio station, one of the most recognized college radio programs in the nation for its diverse programming and professionalism.

Rebuilding the website for WICB was a project I took on in the fall of 2013. The radio station was still operating on a website initially built in the year 2000, when the web was young and still using Flash. The station needed a new website that adequately matched its prestige. Have a look at the old website for laughs.

Lead Design




Nov 14, 2014


My biggest challenge was finding the balance between the WICB brand and a fresh update that brought the radio station website into the 21st century.

Old Website (2000-2013)

The rebranding of the company for a new era of college radio would require two years worth of work, countless executive staff meetings, and time spent in Computer Science Research Lab with Prof. Doug Turnbull. My goal was to build a beautiful and functional radio website, that was extremely user friendly. This was unprecedented, so I had to start from scratch, redesigning and rebuilding a new website from the ground up. Responsive and compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

The Last 92

One of the most longstanding features of the radio station at Ithaca College is The Last 92, a list of the last 92 songs played on air. As it is with tradition, we were not going to remove this for the new site. However, a large problem we faced was deciphering the old PHP code that interacted with software the radio station used to catalog their entire music library. In order to make this work for the updated website, we needed to restructure how we were processing The Last 92. I also designed a system for displaying the current show and current DJ as well as displaying stats which include the top 5 artists and top 5 songs played on the station for the past month or for the last week.

Music Stats

The stats section of the website utilizes all of the recently played songs from the Last 92 that are cataloged in our database (going back further than just those 92 songs). By cataloging this data we are able to analyze station patterns and decipher the most popular songs and artists played on WICB. Had this project continued, we would have expanded this section to display charts, graphs and more comprehensive song data...

Final Product

Special thanks to Prof. Doug Turnbull, Prof. Nate Prestopnik, Matt Kercher, Ali Akhtar and Trevor Wheeler.

WICB-FM is owned and operated by Ithaca College.